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Yuanzhuo Sifanlong: Yuanzhuo is only born for quality

  • Date:2023-11-15
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From April 12 to 14, 2017 China Refrigeration Exhibition, the largest refrigeration and air-conditioning professional exhibition in Asia, was held in Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center. The site gathers the vast majority of well-known brands in the global refrigeration HVAC industry. In the three-day event, Jiangsu Yuanzhuo Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD., with its new technology and new products, made a heavy appearance, and the booth attracted extensive attention and high recognition from many professional visitors. 

Forward-looking and forward-looking development and manufacturing of emerging products

This year's refrigeration exhibition with the theme of "ingenuity, wisdom, inclusiveness, sharing", these four words are the future direction of the industry, but also the development and prosperity of enterprises.  Excellent equipment is the premise of development, far Zhuo has been to create high-quality products with ingenuity, constantly develop and manufacture new products, including detachable heat exchanger, brazing heat exchanger, laser semi-welded plate heat exchanger and other high-quality products, not only from the broad surface of product form research and development, but also from the depth of product research and development, so that the technology of the product is constantly innovating every year. Can be known for advanced and perfect hardware equipment in the industry."

The world's top stamping equipment, automatic vacuum brazing furnace, helium leak detector and other professional production and testing equipment are the cutting-edge equipment of Yuanzhuo Pride industry. Independent scientific research, product mold development and design, heat exchange design, etc., is the technical support of the leading industry. A number of help will undoubtedly make Yuanzhuo stand even higher and collect the world's top technical engineers with a broader vision. Multi-level and all-round improvement, the most effective to help customers solve problems.

Zollfan insists on producing only high quality products

Heat exchangers are widely used and are common equipment in many industrial sectors. With the rapid development of petrochemical, steel and other industries in China, heat exchangers also occupy an important position in production. At the refrigeration exhibition, Yuanzhuo also brought a number of heat exchangers, which are exclusive customized energy-saving products for the characteristics of different fields such as refrigeration, petroleum, chemical, food, energy, ships and so on. "The new products we brought to the refrigeration show, such as flue heat exchangers, can promote the recovery of waste heat from smoke, gas and water. In the past, many gases of gas heating were directly discharged into the atmosphere, causing sulfide exhaust pollution. Through this heat exchanger, you can recover its heat, and then condense the impurities inside, which has a great environmental protection effect on the air. In fact, the internal structure of each product, including heat transfer coefficient and performance, is exclusively designed and tailored."

Today, air pollution is becoming increasingly serious, the state comprehensively advocates energy conservation and emission reduction, and the haze action is urgent.  Yuanzhuo is in a sunrise industry, and there will be great room for growth in the next few years. Because Yuanzhuo's products are closely related to the current market environment and the national policy of energy conservation and emission reduction. In the future, Yuanzhuo will continue to insist on producing only high-quality products and adhere to the mission of reassuring customers. Strict control from research and development, material selection, production to molding. The production of the best quality energy-saving products to contribute to the fight against smog."

The target for the relatively hot coal to power projects in the market only accounts for about 30% of the total sales, and next year the coal to power projects will be compressed to 20%."Sivanlon finally introduced the overall plan and goals of this year's Far Zhuo. High quality products, is far Zhuo shining business card, is the fundamental trust of customers. In the past 17 years, Yuanzhuo will continue to create high-quality products with ingenuity, and strive to make the overall product structure and overall sales account for a reasonable proportion, to ensure the steady development of Yuanzhuo's products in the direction of data center, ship and foreign trade.