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Jiangsu Yuanzhuo wonderful appearance at the 9th China Heat Pump Exhibition in 2019

  • Date:2023-11-15
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on March 15, 2019, the 9th China Heat Pump Exhibition was grand opened at Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center. As the highest annual professional exhibition in the domestic air source heat pump industry, this exhibition has received high attention from industry-related experts, enterprises, distributors and media, bringing together the most complete industrial chain of the domestic air source heat pump industry. On March 16, the heat pump exhibition has entered the second day of development, the scene is still hot, and the flow of people continues to be high.

Heat exchanger as a kind of energy-saving equipment to achieve heat transfer between two or more kinds of fluids at different temperatures, but also one of the main equipment to improve energy efficiency. Heat exchanger industry involves HVAC, pressure vessels, water treatment equipment, chemical, petroleum and other nearly 30 kinds of industries. In recent years, driven by the national coal to electricity, clean heating and other policies in the north, the air source heat pump industry has developed rapidly, and the heat exchanger industry has followed the trend.

At the exhibition site, the booth of Jiangsu Yuanzhuo Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD., which focuses on the heat exchanger industry, is particularly eye-catching. Its detachable plate heat exchanger, brazed plate heat exchanger, semi-welded plate heat exchanger, tube and shell heat exchanger, all stainless steel fusion welded plate heat exchanger, coaxial tube heat exchanger, and efficient barrel heat exchanger appeared on the scene, attracting many on-site visitors to stop and ask questions. The staff took the opportunity to explain the visitors in detail face to face.

In November 2018, the R series of all-stainless steel fusion welded plate heat exchanger developed by the company was launched, breaking through the restrictions of gaskets and copper brazing on heat exchangers. When dealing with high temperature and corrosive media in industry, all-stainless steel fusion welded plate heat exchanger provides a plate heat exchanger solution with high efficiency heat transfer, good sealing and low operating costs. 100% stainless steel construction allows it to withstand temperatures up to 550°C. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure and other harsh conditions, and compact structure.

In the same month, the company optimized and upgraded its F-series unequal channel brazed plate heat exchangers, introducing an innovative, patented asymmetric channel design. The optimized design increases efficiency, saves energy and reduces costs. At the same time, the new plate type provides higher performance in terms of improved thermal efficiency and reduced pressure drop. The exhibition will also open up domestic and foreign markets for Yuanzhuo, create a good brand image, and enhance brand awareness.

Far Zhuo heat exchange, with excellent equipment is the premise for development, and is known for advanced and perfect hardware equipment industry. It has the world's top stamping equipment, automatic vacuum brazing furnace, helium leak detector and other professional production and testing equipment. Independent scientific research, product mold development and design, heat exchange design to provide technical support for the company's leading industry. The company has set up a high-quality technical team, organizes multi-level and all-round improvement, saves costs and improves value with the benefit of people, and is determined to help customers solve problems most effectively.

High-quality products, is far Zhuo shining business card, but also the basis of customer trust. Yuanzhuo from research and development, material selection, production to molding are strictly checked. Always adhere to the production of only high-quality products, always adhere to the mission of reassuring customers. Yuanzhuo, only for quality!