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Gather strength and share the burden -- 2018 Jiangsu Yuanzhuo Expansion activities style!

  • Date:2023-11-15
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Gather strength and share the burden -- 2018 Jiangsu Yuanzhuo Expansion activities style!

May 31 ~ June 1, in order to strengthen team building, enhance the cohesion of the company, Jiangsu Yuanzhuo Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. sales department expansion activities, in Yixing Xinlin expansion base officially kicked off!

The company hopes that through a series of outdoor experience activities, so as to achieve the purpose of team cooperation, enhance team cohesion, executive power, and exercise the body of employees in enterprises and institutions, so that every employee in the spirit and psychological are greatly satisfied!

The holding of this expansion activity, closer to the relationship between employees and leaders, for trainees can not only enhance self-confidence, improve the ability to solve problems, but also enable employees to learn to care about others and cooperate with the group more harmoniously.

Although the activity is only two days long, the inspiration and experience given to everyone is a permanent spiritual wealth, no matter what kind of post we are in the future, as long as the heart experience can get a very useful life perception. The event was successfully concluded, and every cadre and staff actively participated and enthusiastically cooperated. Such activities make the staff relieve the work pressure, release the work passion, stimulate the collective sense of honor, but also the team spirit and physical exercise perfectly together, fully demonstrate the good spirit of the Yuan Zhuo people.

Beautiful scenery, delicious food, exciting and intense games... While enjoying it, we also realized the importance of clear division of labor and teamwork, and deepened the feelings of colleagues. In the big family of Yuanzhuo, love each other, work together for our next journey, the next stage, and create our brilliance together.